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  2012 New Canaan High School Scholastic Art Portfolio Award Winners

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2012 New Canaan High School Scholastic Art Portfolio Award winners and their teachers –from left to right- Isabel Glatthorn, Dylan Neuhaus, Cameron Lancaster, Maxwell Aliapoulios, Jeanne McDonagh, Christian Atherton and Lisa Floryshak-Windman

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New Canaan High School recognizes outstanding students in the Visual Arts Program. Once again the students made their mark at this years Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards held at the University of Hartford. Seven NCHS students were top award Gold Key winners in the 2012 competition. The exhibition featured select work from over 134 participating Connecticut public and private schools. When a school participates in the competition each art teacher is only allowed to select 4 art students to represent the high school.

“Celebrating the Creative Spirit of Connecticut Youth” was the theme of this exhibition, according to a press release from the Connecticut Art Education Association.

“Our sponsors emphasize that the purpose of this program is not merely a competition of sorts, but a recognition and encouragement of talented students across the state. Artists, university faculty and professionals in the field have joined to review and select the finest student art works in many art media categories.”

All three NCHS visual art teachers were represented by their students in this program. Isabel Glatthorn, a student of Lisa Floryshak-Windman, won a Gold Key for her ceramic works in the art portfolio category, and Katherine Melland won a Gold Key for her painting Velvet Solitude. Greg Scalzo’s student Gita Abhiraman won a Gold Key and Best in Film & Animation for her video, Rodrigo and Amanda Chin won a silver key for her photograph Glamour.    Max Aliapoulios, Christian Atherton, Cameron Lancaster and Dylan Neuhaus, all students of Jeanne McDonagh, won Gold Keys in the photography portfolio category. Students who enter the competition in the portfolio category must submit a collection of 8 original works that are judged using the following criteria: Creativity, Technique Skill and Personal Voice.

Gold Key: The highest level of achievement on the regional level. Approximately 7 – 10% of all regional submissions are recognized with Gold Key Awards and all are considered for national-level recognition.

Silver Key: Approximately 10 – 15% of all regional submissions are recognized with Silver Key Awards.

The NCHS Photo Portfolios can be viewed on Mrs. McDonagh’s NCHS 2012 Connecticut Scholastic Photo Portfolio Website Page.


Additionally, the five senior portfolio winners were awarded partial scholarships to Savannah College of Art & Design and the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

“Our students have consistently scored high with the Scholastic awards, which is a testament to not only the talent of our students, but also the dedication and enthusiasm of our teaching staff,” said Alan Sneath, visual and performing arts director for the district. “Our NCHS visual art teachers are committed to helping our students find their creative voices. The NCPS Board of Education has provided our students with the necessary equipment (Mac labs and software) and supplies, which when combined with outstanding teaching, gives our students educational, life-learning experiences that allows them the opportunity to reach the top of their craft.”

In March, Gold Key winning artwork will be reviewed by a panel of judges at the national level. Selected national winners will attend an awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall and their artwork will be exhibited in New York City during the month of June.

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