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Welcome to Saxe Choirs! Our Saxe Choral Music program focuses on developing the singing talents of our up and coming musicians!  In our vocal skills classes and choir ensembles, we strive to develop the total musician, which includes the basic skills of choral singing as well as the fundamentals of reading and sight-singing music through solfeggio.  Our students are expected to remain in their selected music strand throughout their Saxe music years and when they leave, they will have had experiences in performing, creating, responding and connecting to music. By achieving the goals of our Saxe Choral Music program, students develop as strong choral singers while gaining self-confidence.





When your child participates in music, they are demonstrating higher order thinking as they create music, evaluate performances, and apply prior learning to new situations. In addition, participation in music fosters creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, collaboration, dedication, and accountability. 



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The aim of the Saxe Choral Program is to prepare singers for vocal participation in many

genres of music by working to improve their musicality, vocal technique, and music literacy in a group setting and individually. We will work in many ways to achieve these goals, including:


 Performing music representing varied styles, languages, and time periods

 Sight-singing exercises and songs in each rehearsal to improve music literacy

 Listening and analyzing choral recordings in class

 Challenging ourselves to sing alone and in small groups

 Exploring music terminology, vocabulary and fundementals

 Reflecting upon and self-assessing our ensemble and individual vocal performances


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.